A New Life?

I recently visited my neurosurgeon again. I had an MRI/MRA to check on the aneurysm. The aneurysm is undetectable at this point. Great news!

So, what about the remaining symptoms I am dealing with? Are those just part of my new life?

My headaches have become very manageable, sometimes they are not even detectable. The Botox treatments have helped a great deal. But the right side of my face still feels different, I can only describe it as empty.

I continue to reduce the steroids. As of Sunday I am taking 1 mg of Prednisone. It will take another week and half but I will be off the Prednisone very soon. So, what about the muscle weakness? At this point I still struggle with getting up a set of stairs and can only walk about 1/8 of what I used to be able to walk pre-aneurysm before my muscles ache and I am too tired to continue. Don’t get me wrong, this aspect continues to get better with the reduction in steroids and more movement but it is a slow process. I need to set up a strength training programs to get back to where I used to be, at the very least.

My eye also continues to be a problem. I have double vision with my right eye open. If I need to see details of any kind I have to close my right eye. My right eyelid continues to droop and apparently does not stay closed when I sleep. My right eye has developed several very painful scratches. The scratches have resisted healing. I have had to tape my eye shut at night to heal the current scratches and prevent new scratches. I have seen a oculoplastic surgeon about the eye. To my amazement he wanted to stitch the corner of my eye shut, that is a hilarious story best told in person! 


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