Follow-up Appointment with my Neurosurgeon 

Yesterday I had a follow-up appointment with my neurosurgeon. My Mom and traveled to Williamsville so I could have an MRA scan before the follow-up appointment. An MRA is a magnetic resonance angiogram, much like an MRI.

After the scan we visited my neurosurgeon’s office. He was very excited to tell us that the aneurysm was 3 mm in size. When the aneurysm was found it was 35 mm in size. The neurosurgeon compared it to a ping pong ball. The aneurysm is now gone or dead as my neurosurgeon put it.

Looking at the scans with him you can see a blood clot from the old aneurysm still remains. My neurosurgeon briefly discussed removing the blood clot but said it would be a very involved surgery. He said that the blood clot would dissipate on its own.

We asked about flying and he said with the blood supply cut off from the aneurym as it is it is safe to fly. We also asked about headaches and how long I may continue to have them. He is guessing that the constant headache will last another year while the blood clot dissipates.

Very good news yesterday!


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