Over the last eight months I have seen so many specialists. Of course there is my neurologist who is treating the brain aneurysm and my primary care physician who is treating my diabetes and my general health. I also regularly see an ophthalmologist who is treating glaucoma in both eyes and  a psychiatrist who is treating depression and anxiety, I was receiving treatment from these doctors before the brain aneurysm was found. I am also seeing an eye surgeon who is trying to determine if the pulsy in my right eye can be treated surgically, an infusionist who is treating my anemia, an endocrinologist who is treating Cushing’s syndrome, a cardiologist who is treating my high heart rate and a headache specialist.

While most of the specialists are very attentive and caring I have found that some don’t return my phone calls or act as they say they will. This has made getting the after care I need more difficult.


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