Another Pipeline Procedure

On May 17th I was to have another pipeline procedure. I had several concerns before the procedure. I wanted to make sure that the procedure would be done with general anesthesia. I was also told by the surgion that I would be released from the hospital on the day of the surgery. This was very concerning to me and didn’t make much sense.
I called the nurse at the surgion’s office to talk through my concerns. She confirmed that the procedure would be done with general anesthesia. She also said that I would be kept in the hospital  for a couple of days after the procedure. I would be in ICU immediately after the procedure and possibly moved to the main floors after I stabilized a bit. These two items relieved my concerns.

On May 17th I was admitted to Mercy Hospital again. I was scheduled for a angiogram at 6:30 AM. I arrived shortly before the procedure. The nurses put in two IVs, checked all my medications and prepared me for surgery. I was brought into the surgical suit and was put to sleep. I awoke in the recovery room later that day.

I spent most of the day in the recovery room because there was not a room available in the ICU. An ICU nurse was brought down to keep an eye on me. I awoke without headache pain but some pain in my chest. An EKG was run to ensure the chest pain was not a concern, it was not. Around 2 pm I was still in the recovery room and had not seen my parents. Non-patients were not allowed into the recovery room. They made an exception in my case and let my Mom in for about 10 minutes. I was happy to see her.

Later that day I was taken up to the ICU floor and installed into a room. I was to stay flat on my back and was put on a liquids only diet. My blood clotting ability was found to be not adequate and I was left to lay flat on my back until the early morning.

In the afternoon of May 18th the nurse helped me get to a chair to sit and eat lunch. I was very unstable and moving my legs was very difficult after laying on my back for so long. I was very scared that something had happened to me during the procedure. My walking did improve though.

My surgions were very happy with the procedure. They were very hopeful that the procedure would completely dry up the aneurysm eventually.

In total I spent four days in the hospital. One day in the ICU and three on the 7th floor of the hospital. During my stay the nurses took two stool samples and did find blood in one sample. I was left with the instructions to see a specialist in regards to this.


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