Cushing’s Syndrome

After leaving the hospital I was exhausted and weak due to Cushing’s syndrome. The hospital arranged to have a physical and occupational therapist come to my parents house to work with me because I was too weak to get out of the house.  I was told by my endocrinoloslgist and surgion that moving as much as possible would help me get stronger. The day after leaving the hospital I meet with the physical therapist for two hours. We discussed my symptoms and how he could help me become stronger. By the time he left I was exhausted but decided to cook dinner. After sitting down to eat dinner I went to the restroom. I had exhausted myself so much that after sitting down on the toilet I could not get up again. I again found myself crawling across the floor to the couch. This was absolutely horrible!

I threw myself into physical therapy. Exercising as often as I could manage in the weakened state I was in. When the physical therapist’s assistant stopped by to workout with me I would do all the exercises I was assigned. By the time I was finished it would be all I could do to get myself to bed for a nap. The degrading part was that the exercises weren’t difficult. They were more like stretches then anything else. I certainly wasn’t riding a bike or traidmill.

The physical therapist recommended that I use a walker to get around. I was also able to get a seat for the shower and a handycap seat for the toilet to assist in those processes.

The day after returning from the hospital I also visited my primary care doctor. Since the aneurysm was found I had switched primary care doctors and was much happier with the choice I had made. I visited my doctors office with my Mom. 
In order to get into and out of the house I used a 4 inch high aerobics step, effectively cutting the step in half. Dad had also installed a temporary handrail for the stair on the porch.

Getting to the doctor’s office was difficult and I was in a cold sweat the entire time I was in her office. My doctor and I went through an exam. We did the exam with me in a chair because I was too weak to get up on the exam table. It was found that my heart rate was still high even with the new medication I was on. My doctor wanted to run an EKG. Her nurse came in to hook up the machine but because I couldn’t get up on the exam table it was thought that the metal chair was interfering with the test. She was unable to get the test to run.

I left the doctors office happy with my decision to change primary care physicians knowing that I would have a phone number to call if I had any questions or concerns. I returned home to rest and practice my physical therapy when I felt upto it.


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