The hospital again

I was admitted to Mercy Hospital again early in the morning on March 4th. I was told that I was dealing with Cushing’s syndrome. The doctors were also concerned with Diabetes type 2 and my high heart rate. This time in the hospital was a little easier. I was not in major pain so I was not depending on nurses for pain management.

The doctor’s and surgion’s changed the steriod from dexamethasone to pregneasone. Then they came up with a time line the titrate me off the steriod.

I meet with the floor Doctor. We discussed the fact that the Cushing’s syndrome, diabetes type 2 and the high heart rate would possibly resolve themselves once I was off the steriods. My endocrinologist, who I meet in the hospital, said the same thing. She did add that if my adrenal glands don’t start working again I may be on a low dose of steriods for the rest of my life.

I was disappointed and seemed that my endocrinologist was as well. She did make mention of the fact the people shouldn’t end up in the hospital over steriod use like this. I felt that better after care by my doctors and surgeons could have prevented me from ending up in the hospital.

I was so weak but was getting a little stronger everyday I was off the deximethasone. Getting out of bed and adjusting myself in bed was getting a little easier. Although, while cleaning up in the bathroom I did fall down. Luckily I landed on my butt. I was unable to get up without a great deal of help. It was degrading and frustrating.

My roommate was a lovely lady who complained an awful lot, had a lot phone calls and company. Because of my fatigue I slept through much of it.

I did stop feeling as fatigued, especially after eating, once the treatment for the diabetes type 2 was figured out. The gross swelling also began to go down a little while switching the steriods.

It took a couple of days to get me started and comfortable with the pregneasone. The cardiologist I needed to see wasn’t available. I spent 7 additional days in the hospital. I was again scared to go home. What if the weakness didn’t get better. What if I fell over again, I wouldn’t have all the help getting up.

Mom and Dad came and picked me up from the hospital. The whole time we drove home from the hospital I was afraid of not being able to get up the stairs. I had worked with the physical therapists in the hospital to try to get up stairs and was still having a lot of trouble.

We got home and tried out the stairs. The stairs at the time there had no handrail. I tried to get up the stair and fell over backward. Again, luckily, I landed on my butt. It was raining and I was soaked immediately. Mom and Dad tried to lift me to no avail. I tried to lift myself up and into a chair, again to no avail. I sat up on the step and let Raisin, my dog, lick my face. I was so happy to see him even if I had no idea how I was going to get in the house. While sitting there I asked Dad if we he could put up a temporary handrail on the step.

I decided to crawl myself into the house and see if I could climb myself up onto couch. ONE of the problems was that I had had knee surgery about a year ago. Kneeling on my knee was painful. I slowly crawled through the door and second step, across the kitchen and across the living room to the couch. I threw my upper body on to the couch and lifted my legs, with the help of Mom, onto the couch. I lay there and said “I’m never going out of the house again!”

The only problem was I had a doctors appointment with my primary care physician the next day.

I was not done with my adventure through the house. I still needed to get upright and to bed. Mom helped me lay face up and sit up. I changed out of my wet cloths. I rested for about a half an hour. Then I was able to stand up. I was very shaky and weak. I hobbled to the bathroom and to bed.

How embarrassing and degrading. How could this get any better, ha.



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