Follow-up doctor’s appointments

After Christmas my Aunt Lynn came to visit from Michigan to check on my recuperation and take me to the follow-up appointment with my surgeon. Her trip was long and difficult due to some icy conditions but we had a great time, mostly resting. Everyone in the house needed some time to recuperate after my long stay in the hospital.

On December 29th, 2015 I had a follow-up appointment with my surgeons. My Aunt was leaving for Michigan the next day. The plan was to stay at my apartment for the night so her trip was shorter. Aunt Lynn and I drove separately from my Dad. We were planning to meet at my apartment until I realized that I had forgotten my identification and insurance card. My Aunt made every effort to get me back for my wallet and to my appointment on time. I called the surgeon’s office and let them know that I was likely to be 15 minutes late.
I was scheduled for a CT scan before the appointment but we were not sure where we were going. We got to the site on time but upon showing up and asking where we were going we were lead on a run around. After a half an hour I found I was looking for the doctor’s office instead of the CT scan location. I was able to find the location for the CT scan and have the scan preformed. After the scan I asked where we were to go and was told the the surgeon’s office was in a building in the back of the suite. Aunt Lynn and I took the walk around the front building, we were getting the run around and the paperwork for the appointment didn’t seem to have the address for the surgeon’s office. I was exhausted and completely frustrated. Finally the office assistant in the back building called the surgeon’s office and asked for the address. We had to drive to an offsite location. We had finally found the appointment location.

The surgeon’s pulled up the most recent CT scan. They indicated that the CT scan was inconclusive but it appeared that the pipeline procedure was working out great based on previous testing. The aneurysm was drying up as planned. The surgeon’s were still very excited.

We talked about my concerns. I was told that the surgeons didn’t want to talk about going back to work or driving for three months. I was told that the horrible headache would return and I would end up back in the hospital if I tried to do too much so soon. I was advised that I should take short walks and rest and recuperate during the three months. Three months seemed like a long time but I didn’t want to end up back in the hospital.

I was advised that if I needed to continue with hydrocodone, Fentonol patch or the migraine medication I would have to talk to my primary care physician.

After the appointment Aunt Lynn and I meet my sister, brother-in-law and Dad for a late lunch. I was exhausted so lunch was short but meaningful. It was great to see my family. I took a short nap and then visited my psychiatrist for a normal appointment. Then it was home to bed.

The next morning Aunt Lynn was off to Michigan and Dad and I were off to my primary care doctor for a follow-up appointment. At this point I was on four different medications to keep my blood pressure low, which was a concern to me. The amount of blood pressure medications was noted briefly and the physicians assistant and I discussed physical therapy for the eye pulsy. The physicians assistant also discussed the fact that she would not be prescribing the hydrocodone, the Fentonol patch or the migraine headache medication. Hearing that neither the surgeon or the primary care physician were going to continue to prescribe the pain killers I was currently using was very scary to me. I had about a months worth of hydrocodone and the migraine headache medication. How was I going to handle horrible headache pain I was still having? I was going to have to figure something out. I was pissed off and scared.

I was able to ween myself off the Fentonol patch without a problem. I was feeling left without aftercare in terms of the pain I was told was going to last for months. I was not happy.


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