Home from the hospital

Upon getting home my phone was ringing. The surgeon’s office was calling to make a follow up appointment. I already had an appointment with my primary care physician’s office upon leaving the hospital. I was very happy to go to the appointments and find out what was in store for me. I felt like my aftercare may be very helpful.

After answering the phone and making the appointment I sat down and picked up my dog, Raisin. I let him kiss me all over my face and loved every minute of it. I had missed my little buddy so much!

Next on the agenda was a shower, which was wonderful. Then Dad and I took a trip to the pharmacy to get my new medications filled. There were over ten new medications for my treatment. The reaction on the pharmacists assistant when they pulled together all the medications was memorable.

I was so happy to be home and sleep in my own bed for the first time in weeks. Eating a home cooked meal for dinner was great. I’m so happy Mom and Dad were able to take me in and help me recuperate.

I spent the next couple of days resting and recuperating. I was able to visit my Aunt’s house for a Christmas Eve party. I spent three and a half hours at the party, upright and alert. I had a great night and made it back home to rest after dinner. I was feeling ok, maybe being home from the hospital would work out.


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