Too long in the ICU

I knew I had spent too long in the ICU when I became sort of a celebrity on the floor. The surgeons became very happy to come around, after all it was the first time they had installed a pipeline and diverted an aneurysm this large. I was told by one of my surgeons that my anaerysm was the largest he had ever seen. The procedure was considered a huge sussess as it should be, they had saved my life. The nurses were also very proud of their care as they should be, they had done a wonderful job as well. The nurses were getting to know my conditions faster and faster at shift change which included the paralysis of my right eye.

Eventually it was time to move on. I was taken off bed rest, the blood pressure and heart rate medication had brought my vitals down enough. I was ready to be transferred to a main floor of the hospital. In total I had spent 14 days in the ICU. They were prepared to transfer me to the 5th floor, it was the stroke floor. I was worried, the attention I was going to get on a main floor of the hospital was going to be different and I was going to have to share a room with someone.

What if I was in horrible pain? Would I get the pain medication and treatment I needed? It was December 17 the, the ultimate goal was to be out of the hospital and I was one step closer.


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