Morphine please

Thursday the discussion with the nurses and doctors was about reducing the amount of pain medication I was using to move off the ICU floor and hopefully out of the hospital. I felt a bit pressured to get off the pain medications but I wanted to get out of the hospital.

On Friday I was woken up very early in the morning to have blood testing and a CT scan. I was vomiting and in a great amount of pain. I made it through the blood testing with out vomiting on anyone. My nurse was very concerned about taking me for the CT scan when I didn’t feel well but I insisted on going. The nurse, two technicians, my vomit bucket and I made our way to the CT scan room. The technicians transferred me to the CT bed and strapped my head down to keep me immobilized. I was drawn into the CT machine and I waited as patiently as I could for the test to be complete. The whole test took two minute but by the end of the test I was having a panic attack and ripping off the straps to move my head. I was so worried I had ruined the scan and would have to sit through it again. I was told that scan was complete.

On the way back up to the room I asked to see the surgeon as soon as he had time. I was in serious pain and I felt it was time to make sure something wasn’t wrong. The surgeon showed up very quickly. I was still nauseous, my blood pressure and heart rate were very high and I was in very bad pain. The surgeon seemed very upset. There was a lot of discussion about my blood pressure and reducing it immediately. I was given a drip to lower my blood pressure, which was followed by a total of four more. I was also given several new blood pressure medications and something for nausea.

Then the surgeon and I started to talk about the panic attack I had in the CT scan. It was good to know that surgeons had a sense of humor because he found it hilarious that I had panic attach after a two minute test. Then we talked about the pain level. I told him that I was at a 10 out of 10 pain level, in truth the pain level was worse then that. He prescribed Morphine, oh there was hope for some pain relief. I was left to be able to take Morphine every three hours.

I was in really bad shape. At this point I called my Mom and let her know that I probably wasn’t up for company that day. I was likely incoherent due to the Morphine because I wasn’t making much sense. They came to visit anyway and sat and watched me sleep through the major pain.

i was seriously disappointed with how well the Morphine worked for my pain level. It took days of Morphine use to get my pain level under control.

What was next?


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