Good Days

The day of the pipeline procedure was here. The time was still not known. My parents and my Aunt Mary showed up around 11:30. I was so happy to see that Aunt Mary had come to keep my parents company during the procedure.

i was taken into the neurosurgery suite at around noon. The surgeons visited with my parents before the procedure. They were going to do their best to save my right eye function during the procedure. I was reassured the same thing before I was given the medication to put me to sleep during the duration of the procedure.

i woke hours later. I was thirsty, my right eye was not opening and I was given oxygen because my heart rate was very high. My vitals were stabilized and I was taken back to my room where my parents and Aunt Mary were waiting for me. I got settled into the bed, again I was to stay as flat on my back as I could. This time the Surgeons had left a patch of some sort in my groin. This was done to allow for another procedure on Thursday, if necessary. I would not be allowed to move from my back all night. I was put on fluids only for food until further notice.

i was exhausted and there was a different kind of pain in the side of my face, a tingling, but it was a good day. The surgeons were very excited that the procedure had gone as planned. The pipeline was positioned as planned. It would take some waiting and watching but they believed the aneurysm was cutoff from blood flow. My right eye also became part of the focus. My eye was swollen and was not opening without assistance. My eye was also not tracking left or right or up or down.

I said goodbye to my parents and my Aunt Mary and settled into more pain medication stupor, flat on my back for the night.

During the early evening the surgeon stopped in to check on the patch over th groin wound. It was determined that they would not need to go back in the next day. A special nurse was brought in to determine if my blood was clotting as necessary to pull off the patch. It was around 6 pm. At the time my blood was not clotting as necessary to remove the patch.

At around 11 pm my blood clotting ability was determined to be adequate. The specialty nurse, a trainee nurse and my nurse came back and discussed the process of removing the patch. I was learning more about the procedure of removing the patch because the specialty nurse was training another nurse. They were planning to remove what appeared to be a metal patch from the femoral artery in my right leg. A cloth patch was to be put in it’s place. The cloth patch was treated with blood clotting ability but the patch has to be pressed into place for 20 minutes to ensure that the blood from the incision site stopped.

I was told it wouldn’t hurt, I was lied to. The patch was removed and my breath was literally taken away as pressure was put on my groin. The numbness started about five minutes in. About 20 minutes later I was deemed to be patched up and left to rest on my back for another 6 hours.

I had had an exciting day and night. I was feeling pretty well, the procedure had seemed to go as planned. On Thursday the floor doctor and I actually discussed moving me off the ICU. I was not aware of what was about to happen.


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