Bad days

I was left with a waiting game. It was estimated that the pipeline equipment and personnel would be ready on Wendesday. I was left to prepare for the surgery, everyday the surgeon stopped by to ask if I had questions. I was doing my best to ask the necessary questions and learn about the procedure.

One of my major concerns was twilight sedation. I did not want to be woken up in the middle of the procedure. I wanted general anesthesia. After days of discussing it the surgeon asked me how I wanted to proceed and we decided on general anestesia.

i spent the rest of the time getting ready for the surgery, trying to learn about the procedure and visiting with friends and family.

i spent days sitting in a dark room with the tv off and the blinds pulled and sleeping through barely managed pain. I was prescribed a couple of different pain medications to manage the pain. They included Asprin, which was also being given as a blood thinner. As well as Ibuprofen and Dilaudid. The Dilaudid worked the best but it was prescribed every four hours. The Dilaudid only worked for about three hours.


The pain was bad and it made the waiting harder.

The staff was wonderful! The nurses, nurses aides, doctors and surgeon were so easy to find and talk to. They were so helpful.

The food was not appetizing to me. I beleive that it was a symptom of the continued use of the pain medicine. I tried to be a good patient and eat all my vegetables and fruit and of course dessert if there was some but meals tended to be left untouched.


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