The pipeline

The surgeon again began to show me pictures of the giant aneurysm. He discribed it as the size of a ping pong ball. He also discribed a typical aneurysm as the size of the end of your pinky. He had statistics for giant aneurysms and why they don’t burst. He said the the gaint aneurism was putting pressure on the sinus on my right side, the nerves in my right eye and of course my brain.

This was when the doctors noticed the slight drooping and double vision in my right eye. The wonder about when the aneurym started to form began. I can remember some redicule about a droopy eye in middle school or high school. Nothing major, normal kids stuff. The aneurysm has likely been there for many years growing up, but there is no way to tell how long.

At this point the surgeon began to discribe another plan of action. A newer procedure that had never been performed in Mercy Hospital. They were planning to install a pipeline or stint/shunt across the neck of the aneurysm creating a flow path for blood and cutting off circulation to the aneurysm. The aneurysm would be cut off from blood flow, it would clot and eventually disapate.

The timeline to perform the procedure was open ended. The right sized pipeline equipment would have to be ordered. I was told the the procedure had been performed  in a hospital in Rochester. That the surgeons were bringing in a consulting doctor from Rocester to help with the procedure. In the meantime I was to be left in the ICU to be watched carefully and treated for pain.

i was given restrictions so as not to put undue pressure on the aneurysm. I was put on bed rest. Walking to a toilet was not allowed. I was asked to refrain from blowing my nose and I was asked to stay relatively still in bed. A nursery rhyme came to my Mom’s mind. ‘Five Little Monkey’s Jumping on the Bed.’ It became customary to say no more monkey’s jumping on the bed as Mom and Dad left for the day.

In the next couple of days I started to notice changes. Weather they were from the procedure on Saturday or the pain medication I was now taking regularly I wasn’t sure. I was messaging my Aunt Lynn in Michigan everyday with updates through Facebook. I had worried her greatly with my message on Friday, letting her know that I had a brain aneurysm and then becoming unavailable, and I didn’t want to do that again. My messages were very hard to put together and when they were done, they didn’t make sense. We started to talk on the phone instead, texting was too much for me. I was tired all the time, I could wake up visit with company for about a half hour and then need another nap. The nurses also noticed that I was not urinating, they put in a foley catheter. I associated all of these symptoms with the pain medication I was regularly taking now. As time went on I realized that the symptoms were caused, at least, in part due to the brain surgery I had just had.


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