It’s Huge!

Of course we made it to Mercy Hospital, I was in the hands of professionals. I had gained a little bit more information and was about to gain plenty more. I was transferred directly the 8th floor, the ICU and placed in a room. The attention from nurses and doctors was immediate.

At this point I was still in major pain. I had been given nothing for the headache, I was scared and overwhelmed. The nurses settled me into a new room, hooking me to the blood pressure cuff and vital sign equipment. The surgeon did his best to explain what had been found. The surgeon showed me pictures of the CT scan, it was as though there was a huge eye ball growing in my brain. Wow, what did that mean?

My parents showed up shortly. It was now a party, I was so happy to so see them. What a comfort and now there was someone else to ask questions and help me understand what was going on.

The surgeon was discribing the procedure they planned to get rid of the aneurysm. They were planning to perform an angiogram. They were going to go through my groin and into my brain and load the aneursym with metal coils. The coils would cause clotting of the aneurysm and cut off circulation to the aneurysm. Now I’m not familiar with the medical procedure, so I may explaining it wrong, but this is what I understood of the fix. We decided the procedure would be performed at 7:30 am the next morning.

The surgeon continued to discuss my health and the treatment. Of most importance to me was my cigarette smoking. I was told I was to quit. I was given four reasons to quit. The first was the the aneurysm would come back. That was all I needed to know. I was now a non smoker. Later I asked for the nicotine patch and was told no because they weren’t sure of the neurological complications. I would be quitting cold turkey.

After going through all my medical history with the surgeon and floor Doctor I was given pain medicine. I was settled into my room and said goodbye to my parents. I was left in ICU room listening to be beaping of my vitals, the peace of pain medication being interrupted only to ask for more pain medication. Surprisingly it was one of my best night of sleep I’d had in weeks.

i woke early the next morning ready to have a solution to the problem. My parents came in to deliver me to surgery. I was taken down to the neurosurgery suite. I was given twilight sedation and thought I was out for the procedure. I was wrong, the surgeon kept waking me up to ask me to hold still so he could take pictures of the aneursym. In my stupor I didn’t understand that the pictures of the existing aneurysm was probably not a good sign that the procedure was going as planned. I was left to go back to sleep as the procedure was finished. I was taken to recovery and then back to my room. In my room I was told I was not to sit up past 30 degrees or I might bleed out form the artery they used for the surgery. I was told that I would need to lay like that for 3 hours. I had just had brain surgery through my groin. Wow!

I was looking for my parents, slipping in out of sleep, while the nurses and nurses aides were busy making me comfortable. The nurses weren’t talking to me in my stupor or if they were it wasn’t registering but when my parents arrived they started talking about the procedure, discribing to my parents that the aneurysm was “huge!”

The surgeon arrived as soon as he could to confirm what the nurses were saying. The aneursym was too large to be operated on as planned. It was huge!


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