Be sure to buy a lottery ticket

Shortly there after I was taken to the CT scan room. I was told I was to be taken to have a lumbar puncture immediately after the CT. I was told there was a doctor trained to use a machine to guide the puncture available. The procedure would be easier and less invasive with the machine. That sounded like a great plan.

The CT technician first lined me up for the CT, strapping my head to a hard pillow to hold it in place. Then pumped contrast into my IV for the scan. We waited about five minutes for the contrast to take effect and another two minutes for the test to run. As the technician unhooked me she told me the doctor was reading the CT scan and then I would be taken to have the lumbar puncture. The thought of a lumbar puncture was scary to me, I had never had one. It turns out I was worried for no reason. The doctor came out to tell me they had found the cause of the headaches, a lumbar puncture was not necessary and they were returning me to my room.

i’m not the type of person who asks a ton of questions. I tend to go with the flow and wait or determine answers as I go. I was returned to the ER room and left to think, yes, a resolution to the headaches!

The ER Doctor rushed in shortly there after. I believe the first thing he said was you should buy a lottery ticket. He then began to describe an aneurysm or benign tumor in my brain. Before he got too far he was pulled away. I was left thinking what the hell? A tumor or aneurysm.

The nurse came in and explained that they were transfering me to Mercy Hospital in South Buffalo, NY. His comment was that I was that I was very calm based on the news I had just heard. I explained that I didn’t really understand what was going on. The nurse sat down. He explained that they found a “giant” aneurysm in my brain. Yes he called it giant, look it up it’s a thing. He further explained that I was being transferred to Mercy Hospital for more information and treatment.

Now, I had taken myself to the ER, independent me. It was time to let my family know what was going on. I Facebook messaged my Aunt Lynn, who knew I was at the ER, letting her know they had found an areurysm in my brain. It took me a while to start calling it giant. I then called my Dad letting him know the news and that I would need help with Raisin, my toy poodle.

The paramedics for the transfer to Mercy Hospital showed up very quickly. I have no idea of timing but everything seemed to be happening so fast. The pair of paramedics, a women and man, loaded me on a bed, out of the hospital and into the back of an ambulance. Wow, at this point I’m freaking out. I’m a bit of a control freak but having someone driving me to another hospital was only part of it, obviously.

The small group of us drove from Kenmore Mercy Hospital to Mercy Hospital in South Buffalo. The young lady drove the ambulance and, no, the sirens and lights didn’t come on. Thank goodness. The male peramedic sat in the back with me talking about my prognosis, which was still in part a mystery to me. Again, he called the aneurysm “giant” and described the size further. Somewhere in the 35mm size, which certainly seemed huge in my lack of knowledge.

So, off I was to Mercy Hospital in South Buffalo. And no I didn’t try to covince the peramedic to stop for lottery ticket on the way.




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