Surviving a Giant Aneurysm, if you can

On December 4th, 2015 I got some of the most interesting news I have ever received. But the story starts long before that. I’ll start the story Thansgiving day 2015 because that is when the migraine headache started. The headache didn’t go away, it didn’t matter what I took to treat it or how much sleep and rest I got the headache didn’t go away.

i spent days with a very painful headache, through family gatherings, work and sleep. The pain seemed to be getting worse. On December 2nd, about 7 days after the headache started I spent my first night in the emergency room. I was given a CT scan. There was nothing found during the CT scan. It was recommended that I see my primary care about migraine headaches. I was given some pain medication in hopes that the headache would go away. It did not.

The very next day I saw my primary care’s physicians assistant. We went through a physical exam and noticed some pain above my right eye. It was decided that I may have a sinus infection causing the pain. I was given an antibiotic and sent home without pain killers for the  headache.

At this point I had headache pain, reaching 10 out of 10 on the pain scale, for 10 days. I woke up on December 4th in the worst pain yet. I took some Advil PM, called in sick to work and try to get some more sleep. When I awoke and still in pain I made the trip back to the emergency room.

I drove to Kenmore Mercy Hospital. It was out of the way but it was the emergency room I was most used to as I have just moved from North Tonawanda, NY. I drove there, found the closest available parking spot, sort of, signed in at the front desk and went through the check in process. This time a CT scan with contrast and a spinal tap was ordered. I quietly waited in a dark room for the testing. Hoping for answers.


3 thoughts on “Surviving a Giant Aneurysm, if you can

  1. hi sarah….my mom had a brain aneru & calvin had one too they were in buffalo general at the same time they survived then but died a few years later ///my sister judy went to the drs & he sent her home thinking she had the flu ////she died in her sleep that nite ///every time I get a head ache I think of my family /// how can any tell for sure ///////////////


    1. Hi Connie. I would talk to your primary care first. Talk to him/her about your family history and the fact that you want to be checked out. My parents see Lynn Oullette in Salamanca if you need a doctor to contact. They can run a CT scan with contrast or better yet an MRI of your head.

      There isn’t a way to determine for sure if you have an aneurysm. They can show up through out your body. But with your family history a doctor should write a script to check. The best advice I have is to be diligent. If something doesn’t feel right don’t let it go on any longer then it needs to. I was lucky, the aneurysm I had didn’t want to break, it appears.


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